Planning and Public Engagement

Planning and public engagement in Arlington County must fundamentally be fair. By fair, I mean that ideas are heard and that the public, as well as all stakeholders impacted by county decisions, have every opportunity to provide their input and have their ideas considered as the County Board makes its decisions. Fair also means that the County Board is transparent and explains the rationale for all of its decisions.

Plan for the Future Realistically

A good planning process—one that includes all relevant stakeholders, efficient and comprehensive collection of information, and careful consideration of impact analyses to maximize community benefit and return on investment, while making responsible use of Arlington residents’ funds.

Strengthen Collaboration between the County Board and School Board

The Joint Facilities Advisory Commission (JFAC) has repeatedly recommended that we acquire land necessary to provide public services that effectively serve all Arlingtonians. I supported going through with the purchase of the land at Carlin Springs Road and the Buck Property as wise investments. Both properties will be necessary to provide the public safety and transportation services our community requires. The County Board will need to be willing to purchase land that meets our needs, while providing a transparent process to solicit public comment.

Matt’s Commitment

I served on JFAC, which was created to focus on long term planning for both the County and School system. I have also served as an attorney for planning commissions in California, Texas, and worked with Planning Commission members here in Arlington. I will bring my understanding of land-use law and my commitment to fair, transparent, and efficient public processes to the County Board.

I look forward to discussing other issues with you in the coming weeks, such as:

Making good community investments;
Improving public input processes;
Implementing fiscal impact analyses;
Community development and proffers

To share your thoughts with me or my campaign team on public engagement in Arlington, please contact me at or Minneh Kane at