Transportation that Works for Everyone

Dependable, affordable transportation is at the heart of what makes Arlington County a great place to live and what makes our economy strong. We must provide the funding to maintain our transportation infrastructure, keep it working well and invest in the additional array of transit needs necessary to keep Arlington moving efficiently. Safety and reliability must be our first priority. We also must consider regional accessibility and economic impact. Keeping our easy access to DC and the region as a whole, and our neighbors easy access to Arlington, will be critical to economic growth in the years to come.

Data Driven, Common Sense Transportation Decisions

We should always ask: What works and where are smart investments most needed to provide Arlingtonians with the great transit that they need?

As we deliberate improvements to bus service on Columbia Pike and Lee Highway, or the relocation of the VRE station near Reagan National Airport, or simply striking the appropriate balance between parking and bike lanes in Crystal City, we should always try to base our decisions on data and common sense analysis. Arlington can also be a leader in innovative solutions, such as considering agreements with ride-sharing services like Lyft where they may be cost-effective on little used bus routes.


Arlington must remain steadfast in its commitment to Metro. That means supporting a dedicated, regional funding stream that addresses Metro’s capital and maintenance needs. We should take a constructive, collaborative approach with our regional partners. In the short term, returning to and maintaining safety and reliability are paramount. In the long term, we must also assume a leadership role in holding WMATA accountable to its stakeholders and seek a dedicated funding solution.

Balancing Regional and Local Needs

Widening the I-66 corridor is a regional need that will only become more pressing as Northern Virginia becomes more densely populated. Arlington must be proactive in seeking a balanced approach that considers the needs of all stakeholders, while addressing issues of noise control, cross-county transportation, and pressures on our county budget.

Tolling inside the beltway is controversial, however, funding for improvements to Arlington’s transportation system that will be administered by the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission with revenue generated by tolls will include roads, bus services, and other multi-modal transportation solutions. We need these improvements and should stick with the plan, while being ready to advocate for improvements, such as adjusted tolling periods.

Columbia Pike

Four years ago, Arlington made a promise to residents along the Columbia Pike corridor to invest in better transportation solutions. We must keep that promise.

While taking into account regional limitations, we cannot ignore the returns on investment of a functional and accessible transportation network along the Pike. Existing projects must deliver on time and new projects must be planned properly to meet the specific needs of regional stakeholders.

Matt’s Commitment

I’ve worked on transportation issues as part of my service on the Joint Facilities Advisory Commission, the Housing Commission, and the Affordable Housing Task Force. I will bring a data driven, common sense approach and am open to innovative solutions. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on critical transportation related issues currently being discussed and considered in the County, such as:

Addressing parking and multi-modal transportation needs in Crystal City;
Innovative solutions for additional ART Bus storage;
Improving our trails and commuter lines as part of the Bicycle Master Plan;
Supporting innovative policy solutions along Lee Highway.

To share your thoughts with me or my campaign team on transportation issues, please contact me at or Minneh Kane at